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Thread: Micro Stik motor quits in mid flight

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    Micro Stik motor quits in mid flight

    I was flying my newest Micro Stik yesterday and had only been flying for about 5 minutes and the motor cut out and quit. I landed it with the elevator and rudder still working and picked it up and tried the throttle again and it started then quit, started then quit, etc.

    Today I tried it again and everything was going well up to about the 5 minute mark and the motor stopped again. I lowered the throttle joystick all the way then lifted it and tried again and it worked. The motor cut off again two more times in the rest of my 11 minute flight and each time I lowered the throttle and that reset the motor to where it worked again. This new MS has about 20 ten minute flights on it.

    My first Micro Stik has over 80 ten minute flights on it and I had to replace the RX and servo board at around 50 flights and it has never cut off in mid flight. I haven't crashed this new MS yet so I know it's not crash damage. All that has happened is that when I land in the grass it noses over but not violently, it just lands and the wheels grab the weeds and zip, the tail's sticking up. Thing is, that's how my first MS lands too but it hasn't had the motor trouble my second one has been having.

    Anybody know what might be going on with the newer Micro Stiks' motor? :?:

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    Re: Micro Stik motor quits in mid flight

    Could be the battery is drained and your hitting the low voltage cutoff point. Make sure the batteries in your transmitter are fresh so you get a good charge on the flight batteries. The AA batteries that came with the airplane for the transmitter probably doesn't last very long. Just a thought...


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    Re: Micro Stik motor quits in mid flight

    Jason, I took your advice and changed the batteries and that fixed the problem. :P
    Who'da thunkit!
    Thank You.

    I put the batteries on a voltmeter and each AA battery reads between 3.5 to 3.6 volts so now I check them regularly when I start to see the yellow charging light start to dim too much. As soon as the AA batteries hit 3.7 volts I change all of them.

    Now when I come in from flying I put my old batteries back in the tX and use them to recharge the flight batteries. It takes a bit longer to recharge the 3.7v 150mah batteries with weak batteries but Im squeezing the last little lightning bolts outta these now.

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    Re: Micro Stik motor quits in mid flight

    Good deal. Glad that fixed it.


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