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Thread: ERC J5 Piper cub video on youtube

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    ERC J5 Piper cub video on youtube

    For those who have been thinking about purchasing the ERC J5 Piper cub I uploaded a videon that I shot of my J5 the video is okay since I used a keychain camera taped to the brim of my hat. This was its maiden flight so was a bit touchy till I got it trimmed out. I used a Spektrum DX5e and a spektrum AR6100e receiver not the stock one that comes with the RTF. For those out there thinking about this aircraft it a good stable aircraft. My only advise would be if keeping in the 3 channel mode just remember that the rudder has a lot of surface and if using a radio without dual rates just be careful with your inputs make them slow. I have the ailerons functioning on mine for me I have better control. The video is on youtube under (Maiden flight Hobby Lobby J5 Piper cub).

    Here is the link

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    Re: ERC J5 Piper cub video on youtube

    Cool, Please post the link to the video so we can all see it...


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