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Thread: Funster V2

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    Funster V2


    I like the new Funster V2, especially with flaps. It reminds me of my old Seagull Space Walker and Sig Four Star 60 all rolled into one nice package. Both are great flyers and this new Funster V2 is a great upgrade for someone coming off the E-Flite Avance 25e who is looking for something larger with a flap option! Nice.
    Is or will there be a provision to convert this new trike flyer into a tail dragger? This would be a great convenient option for the tail dragger people who still want a nice easy Sunday flyer :D

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    Re: Funster V2

    There are no provisions for a tail dragger setup built in, but I'd bet it wouldn't be hard to modify. In fact, you could leave the main gear where they are and just bend the wire so that they are raked forward. Install your own tailwheel and you're done. Interesting thought...


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    Re: Funster V2

    yes! I bet ya that may work Jason, but there may be possible nose over issues due to the short strut wires!! Thank You. 8-)

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