I recently purchased my second J5 Piper from ERC my first one had a mishap but was repaired and am in the process of turning it into a warbird J5 Grasshopper. By the way Testors Model Master paint works excellent on the EPO foam and sticks very well to the surface. Maybe when it is done will post some pics. Anyway this one went together a bit easier as far as the screws were concerned only had one fight. Now there are two screws that are supposed to hold on the tail section. My first J5 the screws were long enough both screws tapped just fine and held the tail section on. Now on this one that was not the case as the inside screw was not even close to tapping and tighting. After I had pulled my other one apart for painting I discovered why the tailsection on the new one would not tighten down. On the vertical stab there is a plastic mount that has two round tubes for the screws to tap into. On my first J5 both were plenty long enough now on the second those were about an 1/8th or more shorter. I ended up having to get two number 6 screws 2 inches (could not find any number 4 in 2 inch length) in length. I took the rear wheel mount that the screws go through drilled it out larger to accomidate the new screws. Even after doing this I still had the inside screw not want to tap without it finally pushing partiallly into the foam underneath the fuselage. Now got it to attach and no real harm to the foam but just be aware. Did have one other issue with a wing strut one of the plastic plates where the screw goes came loose from the foam and had to glue it back on. Other than that the rest of the plane went together fine. These are nice flying planes and are fun to fly. If you check my other post you will see what other issues I had with the first J5.