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Thread: First EDF - Recommendations?

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    First EDF - Recommendations?

    I am looking for a my first EDF. Guess I would be an intermediate pilot.... Fly a 3-cell funjet, looking for something similar in flight without breaking my piggy bank. Have an extra Hitec 2.4 receiver to drop in....

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    Re: First EDF - Recommendations?

    Hi Kurt100,

    I would recommend either the F-86, Mig 15, or the F9F that HL sells for around $119.00 each. They come set up ready to fly, all you need is a the 4 channel Radio and receiver. They fly great and are a lot of fun. They are made of EPO foam and are pretty tuff little planes. They make a great first EDF.

    Colorado kid

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    Re: First EDF - Recommendations?

    It looks like the three are about the same speed wise (65 mph). I will probably end up with a MIG (the red one is a good choice for older eyes). But out of curiosity, what would you recommend for the next step up in speed? I like the look and speed of the A_4 Skyhawk, but appears to be a lot more work to assemble especially with some of the upgrades people are suggesting. What else do you or others like?

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    Re: First EDF - Recommendations?

    Well here is what Jason had to say, about the fastest HL has.

    Re: Which jet is the fastest...pure speed?
    by Jason Cole Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:47 pm

    The fastest stock edf jet we carry is the F-18. Don't install the tanks and stuff for less drag. It's a little over 80MPH stock. Hope that helps.

    This was the old fastest EDF, The new Rebel 70 according to Jason will be in the area of 85mph+ depending on whether you install the landing gear or leave it off.
    Takes an Intermediate pilot with aileron experience.

    Hope this helps you....

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