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Thread: Battery box installation

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    Battery box installation

    Can anyone help with the battery box / fuel tank installation on a senior Telemaster ARF? The instruction sheet in not very clear and the postage size photos don't help either.

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    Re: Battery box installation

    What part do you need help with?

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    Re: Battery box installation

    Maybe some detailed photos would help. I'm running lipos so I can make the box smaller. I also need the part # for the buttons you glue in for the struts.


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    Re: Battery box installation

    Here's a couple of photos. There isn't much to do but size the box and figure out a way to secure the batteries. Velcro works pretty good. Here are the strut connectors, but we've been having a hard time getting them from Graupner. ... Id=1212175 Hope that helps.

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    Re: Battery box installation


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    Re: Battery box installation

    You really do not need a battery box. Let's face it, you aren't going to be doing violent snap rolls and things like that with a Senior Telemaster.

    When I put mine together, I just used the bottom of the box, no sides or top. A small piece of velcro on the battery and the bottom tray will work just fine. Don't use too much or you will have a heck of a time getting the battery back off the tray.

    I'm flying with a 4S 5,000 mAh pack and have had no problems at all with just using the bottom tray. This also makes it much easier to get the battery in and out of the plane, not to mention better cooling for the battery.


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