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Thread: Unanswered emails

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    Unanswered emails

    You know about 3 weeks ago I posted how great the customer service was here at Hobby Lobby. Now 3 weeks later had a question about an item that I ordered because the manual said one thing and the website said another. I had ordered the item over the phone going by the manual. When I got to work and checked on line about the order I discovered that what the manual said and what the internet said were two differnet things one said Cowl with dummy engine the other said Cowl with dummy engine cut outs. Well I did not need the cowl I needed the dummy engine. When I inquired about it twice in two seperate emails I never received any reply in fact I feel like I have been just blown off and ignored.
    It is like we got his money who cares now. Then to top it all off the battery charger I was sent and praising Hobby Lobby for such a quick and helpful response decided it was going to have a problem on one led will not light up and am getting 8.89 volts charging on one cell and 4.17 votls out for the other cell. So now have to retract how great the customer service is. Will be surprised if this makes it to the forum as is a negative feedback for Hobby Lobby. Thanks for just making me a number. :evil:

    James Hogue

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    Re: Unanswered emails

    Hi James,

    I don't actually work for HL but if you are having unsolved issues you should give Jason Cole a call during the week. He will most certainly help you as much as possible. His phone number is 615-732-7217.

    Hope this will help you with your situation,

    Colorado kid

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    Re: Unanswered emails

    Hi James,
    Not sure what happened there, but our sales people have been on top of the emails and they are all getting answered every day. Sometimes spam filters and blockers cause the email either to not make it to us or our reply to not make it to you. If there is ever a question that takes longer than 24 hours to get a response on, the best thing would be to call us up. We'll be glad to do whatever it takes to fix you up. Sorry for the issues.


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    Re: Unanswered emails

    Talked with Jason today and he was a big help and got it all starightened out just wanted to say thanks appreciate it. Jim

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