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Thread: Motor choosing help please

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    Motor choosing help please

    I have an old Terry from Graupner and Hobby Lobby that i finally finished putting together somewhat except for the motor. I have the recommended folding propeller and spinner, but no battery and motor yet.

    Is there any compatible brushless motor that i could put in? They recommend a speed 400, but Hobby Lobby seems to be out of stock in all brushed motors. Help please! Thanks in advance, High Flyer

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    Re: Motor choosing help please

    I might want to add floats to both take off and land in water or snow. Also i have covered the wings to add strength and durability. I would rather loose performance for flight times. Thank you for taking these things into consideration. HF

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    Re: Motor choosing help please

    Hey HighFlyer,

    I don't know what your plan for sure is with the Terry, but I have a new in the box speed 400 with the esc attached that HL recommended for this plane, if you would like to have it send me a personal email via the forum and I'll give you a price plus shipping.

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    Re: Motor choosing help please


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    Re: Motor choosing help please

    check your personal email.

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