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Thread: electric telemaster 40

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    electric telemaster 40

    Hi all im new to the group but a long time telemaster 40 owner (30 years) I have alwaws flown with a 40 or a 60 nitro eng and want to change over to electric. I don't know anything about electrics what do aI need. Jak

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    Re: electric telemaster 40

    There is a telemaster thread on this forum. Have you checked it out. Ive never owned one but it seems like a power .46 motor with a 60amp esc should cover your power needs on just about any size prop you would want to use. I believe the flying weight of your plane is in the 6lb range. I have a G-force power 46 from value hobby on a 55" wingspan P-47 auw at about 4lb using a 13x8 3 blade prop putting out 780 watts with 4s 40c battery on a hobbywing 80 amp esc. Losts of available power. Do most of my flying at 50% throttle.

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    Re: electric telemaster 40

    Hey Jak, did you get your Telemaster converted yet? What did you decide on for a motor and if completed, how did it work for you?

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