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Thread: Wing Dragon HL Charging Question

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    Wing Dragon HL Charging Question

    I just received my new wing dragon from HL. My question is how long does it take to charge the battery with the little wall plug charger that came with the plane. Should it charge over night or what, it does not say in the book?Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Wing Dragon HL Charging Question

    I believe that is an overnight charger.


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    Re: Wing Dragon HL Charging Question

    Thanks Jason,I charged it for about four hours and it did not fly long as the motor kept shuting down.

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    Re: Wing Dragon HL Charging Question

    Hi, I possibly can give you the right answer. Reduce the power and Wing Dragon HL will cruise around for 10 minutes or more per charge of the 7 cell NiMH pack. MORE ABOUT THIS: 42" wingspan, 34-1/2" long, 367 sq. in. wing area, flying weight of about 17 oz. If you want to learn how to fly, buy a rc plane that already knows how: the Wing Dragon HL. Learning to fly doesn't get much easier than this. Wing Dragon HL has good power and wonderful stability, the rc plane already knows how to fly. The brushless outrunner motor provides lots of thrust, it only takes a few seconds to climb to altitude

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