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Thread: SU-34 Fullback servo question

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    SU-34 Fullback servo question

    I recently replaced Vector 3 servo for rudder control. The servo operates backwards. Since its tied into the rudder control via a y connector with the nose wheel and was working correctly before the replacement I can only assume its the servo. I would tie into another channel and mix it but all my channels are tied up as I have modified the canards and added mixing to them with the elevators. If your wondering - the new servo is mounted correctly. The servo was purchased throught Hobby Lobby on the parts list for this plane. Any one else have this problem before I go buy a servo reverser?

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    Re: SU-34 Fullback servo question

    That's the easy way to do it. The other way would be to open up the servo and reverse the wires going to the servo motor and the pot.


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