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Thread: F35 Servo type

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    F35 Servo type


    I've maxed out the endpoint adjustments for my radio, but still need a bit more throw on the main retracts in order to get them to lock in both up and down positions.

    What type of servo are these? I'd like to try a bit longer servo arm to get the extra throw. Have already been to the local shop but came away with the wrong ones.

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    Re: F35 Servo type

    Thanks for the response and tips. I've been through all that, I'm not using the recommended radio. I purchased this plane Thanksgiving and have been messing with this since then.

    Is it some sort of "special" servo that I can't purhase new control arms for? I've been in this hobby for 30 years, I get all the adjusting that goes on. I'd appreciate knowing what these are compatible with.

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    Re: F35 Servo type

    Since the servos come with the plane and I believe the replacements are the same all come from freewing. You would have to ask Jason or tech support as to whether you can order the arms..I haven't had to try and replace any of them, so I don't know if you can get them.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    Re: F35 Servo type

    Here is an idea that was used on my F-35 to extend the servo arm to make it longer.

    It was an extention made from light plywood.
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    Re: F35 Servo type

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. That extension idea is pretty much what I'm thinking of, maybe using another control arm cut apart. The plywood was a great idea also!!

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