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Thread: Flight Simulator.

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    Flight Simulator.

    I have a new J3 Cub that came with an Art-Tech 4 channel channel radio (EBT62-2.4Ghz). I have a ClearView flight simulator software running on Windows 7. Can I connect the radio through the simulator port to my computer using a 3.0mm audio cable as there manual suggest or do I need a USB connection? I tried following the manual but it is in Chniglish and does not cover windows 7. If I need additional software or hardware what do I need and where do I get it?

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    Re: Flight Simulator.

    Yes,you do need additional software. What you need is a sim that ACTUALLY simulates the way that an airplane is going to react in the real world. The only software I have found that comes close to doing this is RealFlight. Sure,it's a little bit more expensive than any of the other programs but you get what you pay for.ESPECIALLY when it comes to computer software.There is a huge number of free planes and flying sites to down load for RealFlight as well. Especially on the Knife edge site. The software is just as adjustable as many games with the visual or physics being the more powerful,many different ways to program the radio for your taste and no problems with the programs being compatible with your computer. I really feel you can't go wrong with this sim.I started out thinking I'll get by on the cheap and just download one of the cheapo programs. HUGE MISTAKE. All I got was frustrated.When I tried out RealFlight at a hobby shop there was just no comparison. No,I have no connection with realflight or any hobby distributor,I just want you to enjoy your new past-time.

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