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Thread: J5 Planet 5 radio range

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    J5 Planet 5 radio range

    I was wondering on the range for the Planet 5 radio that came with the J5 Piper cub. One place said 300 feet which really is not a long distance 300 feet for the size aircraft it is. In the same statement it said that it had been tested at distances much greater than that but was suggesting for safety reasons 300 ft. When looking at an aircraft to buy you have so many other ones that say 3000 ft or so. I am not saying I want to go that far but would like to further than 300 ft. Is the Planet 5 tranmitter that much weaker than the others. Thanks

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    Re: J5 Planet 5 radio range

    I don't the exact range, but I've never been go outside the range limit in my flying. You can pretty much fly however you like. The plane will be so small and so hard to see before it does reach the limit that you will never fly that far away.


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