Q. I ordered the Art-Tech RTF J-3 Cub 400 Class. After assembly, I proceeded to bind it to the transmitter. I connected it to the battery and the ESC began to beep. Nothing else happened. I opened the receiver hatch and noticed that the LED on the receiver was not blinking. Closer examination revealed that the red wire (+) from the wires that lead from the ESC to the Throttle port on the Receiver had been pulled out of the plug. Is this an easy fix for me to do and how would I go about it or would you just prefer to sent me a replacement ESC?

A. The wire can be re-inserted into the connector. Unplug it from the receiver and push the wire back in the center slot. It should click and stay in. If it fails to stay and easily pulls back out, let me know.
There is a plastic tab that holds it in place.