I purchased your Green Hobby Albatross D Va ( NOT your current Albatross D III model ) some time ago at my local hobby store. The large red thin plastic spinner broke on the first flight. When I went back to the store, they noted that they had just received a free replacerment spinner with a fan built into it. The thin (blown ?) plastic spinner shattered in my (gentle) hand before I could even mount it. The local folks gave me another replacement and I carefully mounted it. It has lasted for 3 flights but now has developed a crack and is not long for this world. On your web site ( I think ) there was talk of an aluminum replacement in the offing. Any progress on this issue? Clearly this spinner is substandard although the aircraft is beautiful. I could take this to a friend who does casting and see if I could get a fiberglass or resin casting made, but it would be expensive. What to do ??? It would help me if you could reply to my email address - jgs437@rap.midco.net