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Thread: Introducing FlyCamOneHD 720p

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    Introducing FlyCamOneHD 720p

    High Definition
    In an Aerodynamic Package...

    The new FlyCamOne HD offers airplane modelers excellent video quality in a lightweight camera designed just for R/C.

    ** And, at a SPECIAL introductory price of $159.99, you'll save $10 when you order yours before January 31st **

    Announcing our newest member of the popular FlyCamOne family - HD. The FCO HD offers excellent, high definition video quality in a streamlined case, perfect for mounting on even the most weight sensitive planes.

    Record your flights, or anything for that matter, in greater detail than ever before with FlyCamOneHD 720p. This is the ultimate accessory for your hobby. Imagine being able to see what your plane sees in crisp 720p high definition. All you need is a class 4 micro SD card from 8GB to 32GB. The video quality is impressive and FlyCamOne has really stepped up to the plate where usability and quality is concerned. The newly designed camera case is sleek, aerodynamic, and only weighs 2oz. so it won’t affect your aircrafts’ flight performance. Pair it with the FCOHD03 5.8GHz Transmission Set and the FCOHD02 2.5” Screen (both sold separately) to view the video feed in real time and show your friends. FlyCamOneHD is the best choice in sports cameras and the ultimate video camera to share your experiences with.

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    Re: Introducing FlyCamOneHD 720p

    Looks great, Jason!

    I only have one question, and I think it was partially answered by one of the videos. How does it handle in very poor light conditions, especially when light changes during the video? Do you know what its effective F-number is? I had found that my old FC1 would sometimes select a lower frame rate or something.

    I had been using the FC1 for filming model railroad operations, as its small size was perfect for the job. But my layout has such very shady areas that I had to use a much bulkier camera to get the best results. Would sure like to be able to use your smaller unit, to get closer to the rails views!

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    Re: Introducing FlyCamOneHD 720p

    It does a pretty good job. Here's a video shot at sunset with very low light. You can also adjust the iso, and other settings on the camera or leave them in auto mode.

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    Re: Introducing FlyCamOneHD 720p

    Video from Jamaica

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