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Thread: F-16 70mm VT Discontinued???

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    F-16 70mm VT Discontinued???

    Hi Jason,

    I bought one of these a month back and love it. Unfortunately, it was totaled when it hit a tree today. I would love to order one (or even 2!!) more but when I checked the website it shows that they are "Discontinued". Any idea why HL isn't caring this anymore??? ... 1_prd1.htm



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    Re: F-16 70mm VT Discontinued???

    We got those in as a one time special buy for the holiday season. Once we sold out they were gone.


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    Re: F-16 70mm VT Discontinued???

    I really liked this jet. I bought it over the holidays and flew it many times. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago, it glitched flying straight and level and augered in destroying the airframe. Too bad more aren't available.

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