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Thread: Arttech MD 500 / EC 135 Core Shaft

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    Arttech MD 500 / EC 135 Core Shaft


    at first i have to say that iam from germany and my english isnt the best. So i hope you can excuse my mistakes:)

    I got some questions and i hope you can help me.

    Some Weeks ago i had bought an Art Tech MD 500. Some days ago the admission (i hope thats the right word) for the stabilizer on the core shaft is broken.

    Now are here my questions:

    1. If i buy a new core shaft, did i need some more new parts like the rotor wing grip or can i change it from the broken one to the new by my self?

    and the second quation is, that i had seen a "Spare Rotor Head Assembly -metal for the EC-135" here on this website, it looks like my broken one. but does any one know if i can take this one for my MD 500 too or not?

    Thanks for any helpful answers :)

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    Re: Arttech MD 500 / EC 135 Core Shaft

    You should be able to use any unbroken parts and move them over. The EC-135 and MD500 were the same mechanics just with different bodies, so that metal head assembly will work on it.


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    Re: Arttech MD 500 / EC 135 Core Shaft

    Oh thank you very very much for youre great help :)

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