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Thread: ERC F18 LED problem

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    ERC F18 LED problem

    I believe the green LED light mounted on the top of the body is defective. It lights up correctly at first, then dims, sometimes flickers, then bright again. I have check all wiring and cannot make the LED flicker by moving any connections. I want to replace the LED. Can you please tell me which LED to buy as a replacement (for example from Radio Shack perhaps) Thanks for any suggestions or help, Larry.

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    Re: ERC F18 LED problem

    Hi there. Pop the cover off and pull the light out. You'll need to de-solder the led from the wires and note the polarity. Take it to radio shack and purchase a green led of the same size and solder it onto the wires. Put the cover back on and your done.


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    Re: ERC F18 LED problem

    Jason, It you could please help me with a more detailed answer to my previous question about the LED. I know HOW to put a new LED in the jet but do not know WHICH LED to buy to replace it. Could you tell me what MCD rating and voltage rating is needed to replace the green LED in the fuse? Thanks for your help. Larry

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