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Thread: FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

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    FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

    Hi Jason,
    Why has this EDF jet been discontinued so soon? If I am not mistaken it was only around for about 5 months.
    It looked like this jet had credentials to stick around a long time like the smaller hand-launch F-86 that is still offered.


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    Re: FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

    Hi Josh,
    I agree, a very nice plane. The owner of the factory decided to shut down and pursue another business.


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    Re: FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

    Hi and Hello!

    I just purchased this plane!
    I guess no parts support in the future?

    Is this why the plane was on sale for $99 dollars? It just had a great review from

    O'well it still a very nice plane and was a great price!


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    Re: FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

    That's why it's on sale. Parts are no longer available from the factory, but we do have some parts in stock while they last.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

    Thanks for the reply!
    Can you tell me what spare parts you have?

    Vrf201 (roy)

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    Re: FJ-3 Discontinued Already?

    Give our sales guys a call at 615-373-1444 and they could walk you through the parts we have.


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