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Thread: New EPO Zero

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    New EPO Zero ... 6_prd1.htm

    A6M5c Zero, EPO ARF w/Retracts

    The Model 52 Zero was an attempt by Mitsubishi to update their number one fighter to keep up with the new generation of American fighters like the F6F Hellcat and the F4U Corsair. The A6M5 had a shorter wingspan than the earlier Type 21. Mitsubishi modified the exhaust stacks to exit between the cowl flaps, this increased the maximum speed on the Model 52 significantly.

    The Zero is all molded tough EPO foam construction and is pre-painted, decorated and clear coated with a matt finish. Our model faithfully represents this classic fighter right down to the 2-20mm cannons and 2-13mm machine guns on the wings; it even has the Pitot tube on the port wing tip.

    The sturdy mechanical retracts are pre-installed in the wings and pre-connected to the retract servo. The gear legs have scale gear doors attached; tail wheel is steerable with rudder input. The outrunner brushless motor (800Kv) has plenty of power to spin the scale 3-bladed prop; the 30A ESC is mounted in the cowl for optimum cooling. A 3-cell 1650mAh Lipo battery is included for flight times of 8 minutes or more. Battery access is under the canopy that is held in place with magnets making battery changes quick and easy.

    We offer this airplane as a receiver-ready model and recommend the use of a computer radio so that the control throws can be set per the illustrated instructions. With these settings the airplane is a terrific performer and exhibits the precision and feel of a pattern plane with the scale looks of a fighter. Requires a 5-channel radio system (computer type recommended) and a Lipo battery charger.

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    Re: New EPO Zero

    hi jason, when the zero was first put on the web site it had the actual degree of the throws suggested printed in the discription and i was wondering if you knew what they were? im using a dx6i

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    Re: New EPO Zero

    Go to the Zero web page if you do not still have your instruction manual, scroll to the bottom of the page and find a PDF of the manual. The information you seek is on page 8 of the manual.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: New EPO Zero

    hi jason, thanks for the help , but now i have another question about the zero and the p47. my question is how do you figure out the scale of the plane? for the zero my kit came without a spinner and prop hobby lobby has sent me a prop but im still waiting for the spinner and they tell me they have no idea when it will come . so i want to try and find aspinner that will work but i need to know the scale. in the case of the p47 im trying to make new decals for my plane becuse im painting it to represent a p47 from the 56th fighter group in late 1944 i have the decale sheet in 1/48 scale and im trying to increase the size to fit the plane and if i know the scale it would be much easier to make them well thanks forthe help of any kind. chris

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    Re: New EPO Zero

    Take the real plane's wingspan and divide that by the model. So the real P-47 has a wingspan of 489" and the model is 41". So take 489/41 and you get 11.9 or nearly 12. so it is a 1:12 scale model.


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