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Thread: Has anyone flown the Piper J-5 Trainer yet?

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    Has anyone flown the Piper J-5 Trainer yet?

    Has anyone had any luck flying the J-5 trainer yet? I've been trying to fly it. It's a lot harder than I thought. I've gotten better at repairing it than flying it. You'll need some 5 minute epoxy, gauranteed.

    I'm a beginner with no experience. My first flight lasted about 6 seconds. I broke the motor shaft.

    I spent probably 6 to 8 hours on a simulator waiting for the new motor and propeller. (By the way, check out this pretty cool, FREE simulator, RC Desk Pilot, Find a decent two stick controller. I used a Playstation controller with a PS2 to USB converter. I gained a lot of confidence with the simulator. After a couple hours, I got pretty good with it.

    However, my luck with the real plane hasn't been too good. The very first flight with the new motor broke the prop again. Fortunately, I bought some props locally, made by GWS. I ditched the plane 6 or 7 times, including one that buried the prop in the ground, and still haven't broken the GWS prop. It's orange, very flexible, and only 1.25 at my local HobbyTown USA.

    Anyway, has anyone had any luck flying the J-5? The manual recommends leaving the ailerons disabled. I think that might be part of my problem. Using the simulator, I got used to the ailerons. I don't think I have enough control with only the rudder. If there is any wind, I think it's hard to correct without the ailerons.

    Plus the J-5 keeps going nose-up, dive, nose-up dive. Maybe I'm going too slow?

    Well, I'll try again with the ailerons enabled. Just waiting for the wind to die down.

    See a couple videos with only the rudders enabled: ... erons1.mp4 ... erons2.mp4

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    Re: Has anyone flown the Piper J-5 Trainer yet?

    Keep at it. Flying is not easy at first and then you get the hang of it. You're also learning great repairing skills that will come in handy on future aircraft. Just remember to have fun!


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    Re: Has anyone flown the Piper J-5 Trainer yet?

    Well, I figured out the major problem I was having. In fact, the developer of RC Desk Pilot, free RC Plane simulator ( , told me it sounded like I had my center of gravity off. Wow! what a difference.

    The first day, I broke the landing gear. I didn't put it back on since I figured it was just something else to keep breaking. Well, that threw off my CoB by about a 1/2 and inch.

    Once I balanced the plane, it flew so much better. It's actually almost easy. It flies just like the simulator. Amazing, huh?

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    Re: Has anyone flown the Piper J-5 Trainer yet?

    Awesome, glad you got it going. Have fun!


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