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Thread: SU-34 / Setup Help

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    SU-34 / Setup Help

    Hi Jason,
    I could use a little help/feedback on this video I shot of my SU-34. I followed the manual setup to a tee and for some reason the thrust vector (up, down) goes in the reverse direction from the correct way. I believe that everything else is working correctly.
    Vector #1 is plugged into Aux #1, Vector #2 is plugged into Aux #2

    I'm using a DX7. Can you tell me the simple way to correct this problem?

    Thanks Jason!

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    Re: SU-34 / Setup Help

    Hi Jason - i go it figured out! Here's what I did...

    the Manual Says
    RATE: +100% I changed this to -100%
    RATE: +100% I changed this to -100%

    RATE: -100% I changed this to +100%
    RATE: -100% I changed this to +100%

    JUST CURIOUS - Why is the case with my SU-34? I checked the latest manual from hobby-lobby and there is no correction for this setting so I suspect it has to do with how the vector thrust servos were installed (backwards?) in my particular model?

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    Re: SU-34 / Setup Help

    Glad you got it sorted out. We'll do a better job explaining this in future manuals. It's because some of the TV servos are reverse rotation from the ones we had in ours when we made the manual. It's not wrong, but as you see, some folks will need to change the values to get the proper movement. That's all part of learning how your programmable mixes work. You're ahead of the game being able to figure that part out by yourself. Here's hoping for warm weather and a great flight! Have fun.

    Jason Cole

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