To help the customer make the best purchase decision, PLEASE make a note in the $29.99 Free Wing 45 Amp ESC "12 Days Of Christmas Sales" ad that there are NO Operating or Programing instructions included! I purchased this same ESC last year during that H-L "Electronic Sale" and had no way to program the esc timing for either outrunner or inrunner applications. Plus I had no way to program the low voltage cut off!! With no way to know where the settings should be, I burned up my best KMS outrunner. I think this ESC was intended to be used as an ESC replacement for edf applications and the factory setting for timing is set to "High". Also, there was no indication, at that time of the sale, that this ESC was just for EDF applications. I tried to return the ESC but my 30 day warranty expired!! Now, I have a $30.00 paper weight!

Regardless of my past tech problems with this ESC, PLEASE, tell everyone that there are NO instructions in the box.