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Thread: J3 Cub 400 Class -- question

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    J3 Cub 400 Class -- question

    Just received this plane. First off congratulations to Shenzhen for the format of the manual, it's very attractive (especially compared to the old Wing Dragon!) But OMG, some of the English!

    I can sort of understand any bilingual person wanting to believe their English is OK -- like my Spanish, I hate to ask for help speaking it. But why don't people, when they're writing an English manual for a nice product, get a native speaker of the language to edit what they write ??

    Can you help me understand assembly step 4, "Glue the surface of the two ailerons ..." ?? It looks like they're just gluing the roots of the wing panels together, is that it? They probably don't mean to glue the ailerons onto anything !!

    The rest will probably become clear when I start the build, but I can probably use some help translating #10 and #12 as well.

    Does "collet" mean clevis? And what does arm slice (part #5) mean?

    Anyway, as soon as the mud at the field dries out a little I'll be flying this and I'm looking forward to it!

    Thanks -- Howard Ballinger

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    Re: J3 Cub 400 Class -- question

    At least it's entertaining.

    Step 4 is saying to glue the wing roots and connect them.

    #10 and #12 are just attaching the horizontal stabilizer. They key into the plastic piece on the fuselage.

    Collet as in parts #35 and 36 are the plastic pieces that connect the two elevator halves.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy.

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    Re: J3 Cub 400 Class -- question

    OK, thanks! I'll let you know how it goes -- HB

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