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Thread: OS 160

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    OS 160

    I have an OS 160 and it will not run correctly. People have suggested a four stroke glow plug, 5% nitro fuel (I am using 10% omega fuel), ect. but nothing will work. It will not adjust well on the high end, and absolutely will not adjust for an idle. I do not get it. I have never, and I mean never have had such a problem with an OS engine before. I have had OS 60's, 61's, and an OS 46, all run great!!, any one have some ideas?

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    Re: OS 160

    1.60 FX? Probably it's time for new bearings and surface liners?

    How many hours of operation? I would send it back to O.S. for a rebuild and bench test.

    Better Option:
    Anyway, forget about glow engines. Too many problems and frustration. Today, you can get a nice two stroke DLE 20cc gasser that will fit on a rail mount. A new era has dawned for internal combustion gasoline airplane engines. Today, the two stroke gasoline engine is much more reliable than glow, they run longer, they run better and they have comparable or more power output. Most importantly, the new line of micro gasoline engines are much less expensive to operate than a 2 and 4 stroke glow guzzle engines still in production today. As for break in, just fly the darn thing! Break in as you fly. No more fussing at the bench to break in the cylinder, valves etc. The more you fly your new gasser, the better it's performance as it begins to loosen up and mature.

    Also look at JBA's new "J-15G" small gasser at

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