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Thread: Telemaster Senior Wing Rubberbands

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    Telemaster Senior Wing Rubberbands

    I have looked on line everywhere to locate the rubber bands used to hold the Telemaster Senior wings on. I have joined the largest ones I can find together but they look too small. Also who sells the magnets used for the battery box ?
    I have to say the instructions are the worst I have ever seen on a model. I cut the rudder and elevator holes in the rear fuse way too low bcause the pix was not clear. There should be someone at HL who could get some better pix to help us out..
    Thanks for any help....

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    Re: Telemaster Senior Wing Rubberbands

    I bought some special large rubber bands for my Senior Telemaster, but found out I really don't need them. Number 64 bands, which are easy to find, will work. You DO need to stretch them some before using them. Stretch them a half dozen times as far as they will go and they will work. After the first use, you will not have to do this.


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    Re: Telemaster Senior Wing Rubberbands

    Telemaster wing rubber bands. Thanks for the help. I use a dozen at a time. Also a tip on wing struts. I bought small brass hinges and screwed them under the wings. A scrap piece of aluminum under the fuse with 1/4" holes on each side. I removed the brass hinge pins and put in the wire staple? that is used to hold the 1/4" pins to hold the bottom of the struts in place. The pins 4 ea can't remeber what they are called are easily removed to take off the struts and put back in just before flight. The struts carry the extra stress of doing loops etc. Just like a previous reader pointed out the glue is very weak where the strut attches to the wings. One came loose by itself. I took both out and used epoxy to secure them. I can't find a suitable replacement for the tailwheel which looks very flimsy. It has a 2 MM hole and shold be about 1 1/2" in diameter with rubber not foam on it. Can anyone help on what wheel works best for rough dirt road take-offs?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Telemaster Senior Wing Rubberbands

    My Telemaster is in an outbuilding that I can't get to because of the snow. But, I increased the tailwheel diameter by just over 1/2". A little wider also.

    The axle hole was a little too large in my replacement wheel, so I filled the hole with epoxy and drilled a new hole to the correct size after the epoxy cured.

    The wire has held up fine. I fly off grass that is 4" tall...or taller.


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