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Thread: Ordering suggestion/ HiTec 2.4 receivers??

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    Ordering suggestion/ HiTec 2.4 receivers??

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Is there any way an option can be added on ordering for PICKUP online? I live only a few minutes from the store. I got in on some of the black friday deals but really wanted to pick them up instead of shipping them. It's bad enough I end up paying sales tax. Would like to avoid the shipping cost if possible but still get in on the specials!

    Also wondering if you will be carrying HiTec 2.4ghz receivers any time in the future. I have an Aurora-9 and would like to be able to purchase receivers there.

    Alan Butler

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    Re: Ordering suggestion/ HiTec 2.4 receivers??

    Hi Alan,
    You can call in, but we don't have a way to place orders online for in store pick up. The front counter and online shop are separate entities. If you talk to the guys on the counter, they can order Hitec rx's for you.


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    Re: Ordering suggestion/ HiTec 2.4 receivers??

    Thanks for the reply Jason. Not the answers I was looking for though. Will you be regularly carrying Hitec Receivers? If you are stocking The Aurora why not stock the receivers also?
    As far as not being able to pick up internet orders.... You might want to consider that.. Best Buy does it!


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