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Thread: Spectrum Dx5e Binding Problem: J-5 CUb

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    Spectrum Dx5e Binding Problem: J-5 CUb

    I just tried binding my Dx5e to my new J-5, but it won't work. Perhaps I have the wrong binding plug? Is the binding plug the throttle connector? I am completely new to this.


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    Re: Spectrum Dx5e Binding Problem: J-5 CUb

    First of all which version of the J-5 did you purchase? If you got the Ready to Fly version then you can use the radio that came with it. If you want to fly this one with a DX5E you will need to change the receiver in the plane to a DMS2 spektrum receiver. If you purchased the ARF (Almost Ready to Fly/receiver ready) then you still need a DMS2 receiver in order to bind to it.
    The binding proceedure if fairly simple. Connect the receiver to all the proper channels, put in the binding plug, connect the battery and when the receiver starts to flash you then turn on the radio using the proper bind position on the transmitter, hold for about 3 seconds then release the button/switch, the receiver should then bind and the L.E.D. should be solid, shortly afterward the servos be ready to test by moving the sticks.

    The main thing in all this is to have a DMS2 receiver for your DX5E radio. If the L.E.D. does not light up or flash, try charging your battery to make sure it is fully charged, if the battery is too low the receiver will not come on.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Spectrum Dx5e Binding Problem: J-5 CUb

    thanks much!

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