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Thread: Antenna on J-5

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    Antenna on J-5

    Just bought a J-5 Cub and getting ready to fly it. I have never installed recievers in RC planes before, I would assume it would be placed in the rear servo compartment. But...where would I route the antenna? Does it need to be externally routed or can it just remain inside the airframe?

    Any feedback would be appreciated,
    Garrett Grant

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    Re: Antenna on J-5

    The receiver should be located about as far from the esc as practical to isolate it from the electrical noise the esc makes. I usually use velcro to mount it somewhere out of the way. Make sure your servo wires don't tangle up in the servo arms. The antenna should be routed away from metal control rods and other wiring as much as possible. On a large plane I often route it down the inside of the tail or tape it along the bottom of many foam planes. If some of the antenna trails along behind the plane, it is no real problem. For the best range and reception, try to keep the antenna as straight as possible. But you don't really need to go too crazy about it. I've taped my antenna back and forth along the wings before also with no problems.

    One thing you don't want to do is fold the antenna back onto itself. That is not good and will shorten your range quickly.

    Hope all that helps you.


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