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Thread: brushless upgrade

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    brushless upgrade

    I was sold an ERC BL400 brushless, an Atlas 20A ESC w/ a programable card, and two 730mah 11.1V 3s batteries. These were to upgrade an Exceed J3 cub. Hooked everyting up, turned the transmitter on, throttle on low, plugged in the battery, heard the beeping sequence, tuned the throttle up after the beeping stopped and the motor wouldn't turn. While the ESC was arming, the motor did twitch. Are these components compatible?[Bought these from Hobby Lobby} Trying to fly this plane but without power, it's grounded. :D

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    Re: brushless upgrade

    Problem solved, it was a bad rheostat in the transmitter, swapped the transmitter and everything works.

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