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Thread: Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion

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    Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion

    I need a Cowl for my Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion. At this point your website tells me the cowl has been discontinued! Is their any plan to make this part available again? I've enjoyed my Champ, it's a fun airplane to fly and I'd love to get the Waco, PA 12 and Stinson! However, that is not going to happen, if Hobby Lobby is not going to support it's customers, by carrying replacement parts! Right now, I see that only the Waco has a cowl listed. (First time here and did not know there was a Pilot 1 thread, sorry)

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    Re: Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion

    Yes it will be available again. The factory that made them shut down, so we are in process of moving the designs to another factory. Sorry for the delay.


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    Re: Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion

    Jason, Tell them to change the verbiage at the Aeronca Champ site to Back Ordered or something else, anything but DISCONTINUED! That is miss-leading and not what you really want to say!

    Thanks for explaining what's going on!!

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    Re: Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion

    Sure thing. I'll see about getting that changed. Sorry for the confusion there.


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    Re: Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion


    What's the best way to assure getting a new cowling when the are in stock?


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    Re: Pilot 1 Aeronca Champion

    Send me an email with your address and I'll make sure you get one.


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