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Thread: eRC J-5 Trainer

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    eRC J-5 Trainer

    Piper J-5 Trainer RTF Airplane

    43-3/4 in. wingspan, 29-1/2 in. long, 291 sq. in. wing area, 26 oz. flying weight, Planet 5 2.4GHz radio system pre-installed. A good trainer airplane needs certain characteristics - it needs to be easy to fly, plus it needs to be tough. The Piper J-5 is tough; its EPO foam construction can take a lot of beginner abuse and keep on going. The generous wing area and high lift airfoil combine to make an easy to fly airplane that includes the bonus of great scale looks. As a result, a beginner can finally learn to fly with a real looking airplane that is modeled after an authentic full-scale Piper J-5. The scale details include a main landing gear that is an actual shock-absorbing unit with real rubber tires, plus the tailwheel is steerable and also scale in appearance. The scale engine detail brings the airplane to life and the working navigation lights complete the package.


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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    Here's the assembly videos...

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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    FYI - Just assembled the J-5, here's a couple of notes to keep in mind:

    I couldn't screw in the #2 screws into the plastic retainers. I had to drill out all of the wing mounting screw holes in the plastic inserts. Started with a 1/16" drill then moved up to a 5/64". Either the holes are too small or the plastic is too hard - anyways after being careful not to oversize the holes I got the wing assembled. I did see some of the inserts rotate as I screwed the screws in - I think that was the foam rotating. So maybe I lost some strength but I was reluctant to make the holes too large.

    The other problem is that the long tail assembly screw is too short for the forward most hole - I purchased a #6x2" screw which was still a little too short due to it being a flathead so I enlarged the hole on the tail skid and recessed the skid (i.e. smushed the foam) to get it to work. I'd recommend a longer, smaller screw but no real hardware stores around me - maybe a #4 x 2 1/4" if that's an available size.

    I assumed it was "a bear" for HL to get the new kit to market for Xmas so a few teething problems would be my guess. It's rock solid otherwise.

    I do have one other problem - the elevator servo seems broken - I never attached the clevises figuring I'd have to center the servos. I powered up the radio and the rcvr and no movement on the elevator. Disconnected the servo arm and still no movement - a lot of stalling sound. Then I removed the servo and hooked it up to the rudder input on the rcvr - seems it only moves half way. I took the bottom half of the case off - too small to mess with. Is my servo broken?


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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    Sounds like the servo is messed up. We can send you a new one. As far as the other issues, it may be a fluke or only a small problem. We used a production model to do the videos and did not run into any of the same problems during the assembly.


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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    I just put my J5 Trainer together and had the same problem with the screws that went into the plastic mounts. The top of the screws wanted to strip. I had a very small phillips head screw driver heated up the end and made the holes just a bit bigger not much and was able to get the screws in. The other thing was suggestion to remove one of the dummy engines and hold the motor still to put on the lock nut on the shaft. Well they failed to say how hard it was putting the screws back in without dopping them in the cowling and I ended up stripping one had to put an adhesive to make sure it held in place. My suggestion for the prop nut take a rubber band put around the prop shaft and hold it with a pair of needle nose plyers once the nut is on enough can move rubber band and plyers to front of shft finish tightning nut just make sure you protect the threads. Other than those problems listed above the plane turned out great really nice looking plane and solid.


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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    One thing you can do to keep from dropping screws is to magnetize your screw driver. It comes in really handy. Just swipe your screw driver across a magnet a few times and you're done.

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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer - CG and delivered battery

    My current issue is with Center of Gravity (CG) and I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem. My plane is really nose-heavy... which I think is related to the battery. The delivered battery (RC Power Pack, 20C 1600mAh, 7.4V 2S) looks different from the one in the instruction manual. In addition, the instructions appear to show the battery being installed with the long axis parallel to the fuselage. That is, it would lie flat and underneath the cockpit. This would move the CG toward the rear of the plane... helping my nose-heavy issue. The problem is that it is physically impossible to install the delivered battery this way as it is not only too wide to fit through the opening that would apparently allow it, it's also too long to even angle it toward the hole. I ended up just dropping the battery into the hatch so that it is entirely forward of the cockpit and perpendicular to the fuselage. Specifically, the connectors are smashed against the hatch opening and the opposite end of the battery is pointed up toward the top of the plane. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, how did you resolve it?

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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    Nope, that's the correct place to put the battery. Don't even bother measuring the CG with the battery we sent you. With that battery in the battery bay like you have it, the CG is right where it needs to be.


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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    I tried putting the plane together. Not fun. The screws did not want to go all the way in and the heads got stripped out trying. Until a read the posts here I thought I was doing something wrong. I guess I'll have to try to get them out and drill out the holes and try to get some different screws like the other poster did. The glue was not in the box. Also a mentioned in the directions about some smaller screws... those were also AWOL. It was weird the way the whole thing was packaged. The transmitter was just laying in the styrofoam not wrapped up or in a plastic bag or anything. The batteries were also in the transmitter which seemed weird since stuff usually doesn't seem to ship with batteries already in it.

    Besides figuring out what to do with the screw situation I am having a real dilemma about where the battery pack is supposed to go. The instructions say it goes in the compartment nearer the nose of the plane. The weird thing is there are three thick wires passing through this compartment (for the motor I presume) and it is IMPOSSIBLE to put the battery pack into this compartment with these wires in the way. Also I was wondering if the receiver should be floating around like it is. It seems like it should be mounted in the fuselage somehow. Instructions didn't say anything about this. I bought some velcro tape to try to mount it somewhere in the fuselage but I'm not really sure where it should go.

    If anyone can answer my questions particularly about how to get the battery pack in it would be greatly appreciated. Someday I hope to finish building this thing and maybe fly it. Thanks!!

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    Re: New eRC J-5 Trainer

    Too much to answer there while typing on my phone. Give me a call tomorrow at work and I can get you straitened out. 615-732-7217.


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