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Thread: order status

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    order status

    Hi there,

    I had place my order about 2 days ago. The status is still showing follow up unitl this moment now.
    Does it usually takes this long to get it pack and ship out. This is my first order with you guys :mrgreen:

    order number # 63299-101116


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    Re: order status

    Hi Jon,
    I cannot find that order number in our system. Please email me your contact information so I can try to find your account and see what's going on.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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    Re: order status

    Hi mr Jason,

    I had email you all my information. I had receice your comfirmation invoice from your but you are telling me you got no record of my order,that is not aceptable :( Please resolve this issue soon or i want my money back.

    Kindly check your incoming mail for


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    Re: order status

    Hi Jon,
    There was a problem with the information you entered in the order. JoAnne, one of our customer service reps, has sent you an email to get this resolved.


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    Re: order status

    What problem? there is no email from anybody except yourself..
    Can you post the problem here to resolve quickly..

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    Re: order status

    ok. I got the email from Ms Joanne just moment ago.
    Hopes everything turns out well..


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    Re: order status

    Thanks guys.. for all the help. I can see it is shipped already..
    is there any tracking number provided too.

    once again great service from Jason coming in for my help :mrgreen:


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    Re: order status

    Sent you a PM with the tracking number.

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