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Thread: Senior Telemaster Wing Joiners

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    Senior Telemaster Wing Joiners

    What are the cross section dimensions of the wing joiners for the Senior Telemaster ARF? I am building the kit and I want to make the joiners with the same cross section dimensions.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Wing Joiners

    The wing joiners on my 8' Senior Telmaster ARF have the following measurements:

    front: 9/16" X 1" X 38"

    rear: 1/4" X 7/8" X 21"

    I did have to add a strip to the rear joiner to make it 1" to fit. Since you are making yours to fit, you won't have any problem like that.

    Happy flying!


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    Re: Senior Telemaster Wing Joiners

    Thanks Cliff

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Wing Joiners

    Hi Cliff: I forgot to ask, what is the spacing between the wing joiners?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Wing Joiners

    Hi John. The joiners are located by plywood pieces that appear to sandwich the wing spars. My Telemaster is an ARF, so I can't see into the wing well. From the very front of the leading edge, the centerline of the front joiner is 4" back. The centerline of the second joiner is 7 1/4" from the leading edge.

    Hope that helps.


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