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Thread: F-18 90 mm jet and the DX-8 radio

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    F-18 90 mm jet and the DX-8 radio

    Would you please post the radio settings for the DX 8 radio and the F-18? Also, please post the connections to the DX8000 receiver. I have programmed it like the DX 7 instructions and that's not it. First thing I found was I had to reverse the rudder. Other functions are not working the way the DX 7 has the values listed and the way they actually work on the DX 8 radio.

    Thank you.

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    Re: F-18 90 mm jet and the DX-8 radio

    Hi there,
    We do not have instructions for the DX8 radio. The way the DX7 programs will give you an idea of what you need to do with the DX8. Read your radios manual so that you understand how the programmable mixes work.


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    Re: F-18 90 mm jet and the DX-8 radio


    I appreciate reading the manual. What I need are definition of terms. What does a servo entitled Vector 1 mean? Vector 2 an so on. If I don't know what they are referring to the programming becomes guess work. I'll bet you will be selling more DX8 radios for this plane then you will DX7 radios. Please, a definition of the servo terms would greatly help.



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    Re: F-18 90 mm jet and the DX-8 radio

    He got it figured out. Here's the post with the information. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1156

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