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Thread: F9F panther vs mig-15

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    F9F panther vs mig-15

    which one is a better first edf ?

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    Re: F9F panther vs mig-15

    Depends on which jet you like better. The Mig has more contrast in color from top to bottom so it's easier to tell the difference. The Panther has the landing gear option if you don't want to hand launch. Both fly at about the same speed, Panther rolls a little faster and is maybe a little sportier. Why not get both?


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    Re: F9F panther vs mig-15

    thanks for the reply jason
    which one is more durable ?

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    Re: F9F panther vs mig-15

    I'd say the panther is. The Mig is really durable too. The battery tray on the Mig is problem the most often broken part. It's glued to the fuse from the underneath and when you crash all the weight of the battery pushes down on it and breaks the glue loose. The Panther battery tray is captured in foam on both sides and is more likely to hold up.


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