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Thread: JR Indoor Event 2010 Photos

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    JR Indoor Event 2010 Photos

    Jr Indoor was a blast this year. Our Micro Stik was a big hit. People loved how much power it had to go vertical all the way to the top. It really showed its versatility being very aerobatic and then also capable of super slow flight and lazy figure 8's. The combat was awesome to watch this year and the T-28 pylon races were a real crowd pleaser. There was plenty of open flying, good food, and good friends. You simply have to make plans to attend next year if you missed it.

    Jason Cole
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0428.jpg   IMG_0429.jpg   IMG_0430.jpg  

    IMG_0431.jpg   IMG_0432.jpg   IMG_0433.jpg  

    IMG_0434.jpg   IMG_0435.jpg   IMG_0436.jpg  

    IMG_0437.jpg   IMG_0438.jpg   IMG_0439.jpg  

    IMG_0440.jpg   IMG_0441.jpg   IMG_0442.jpg  

    IMG_0443.jpg   IMG_0444.jpg   IMG_0446.jpg  

    IMG_0447.jpg   IMG_0448.jpg   IMG_0449.jpg  

    IMG_0450.jpg   IMG_0451.jpg   IMG_0452.jpg  


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