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Thread: F9F landing gear

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    F9F landing gear

    I was looking at your new F9F Panther. I dont really want a belly lander. I see you have gear listed as an option( part # HLI6916 ). When I do a search for these parts it either shows the plane again or a bunch of unrelated gear. Do you actually have these parts or is this just wishful thinking. I do know you have had at least one set of these landing gear as I saw them used on your Panther video. What gives?

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    Re: F9F landing gear

    Our web guy is fixing that today.

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    Re: F9F landing gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Cole
    Our web guy is fixing that today.
    Thanks Jason. Iguess that means you do have the gear available.

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    Re: F9F landing gear

    Yes, they are here and in stock. You can call a sales guy to order one until it gets fixed on the site.


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    Re: F9F landing gear

    I am looking for this item also ... and it is once again on back order till June :s

    is there any chance this can be speed up a little

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