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Thread: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

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    Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    Hey guys,
    This thread will be used for anyone wanting to participate in our Micro Stik Video Contest. Sign up for this forum and make a new post in this thread. Upload your video to Youtube and post the link here. Read full details below.

    Micro Stik Video Contest

    Now that you have your Micro Stik, let us all see how much fun your having with it and have a chance to win some $$$. Film yourself flying the Micro Stik in combat, an obstacle course, or whatever creative way you like and post it here. We will post the videos on our website so they can be seen by the world. Hobby Lobby Staff will vote and select the Top 5 videos. Prizes are awarded as follows:

    1st Place - $100 HL Gift Certificate
    2nd Place - $50 HL Gift Certificate
    3rd through 5th Place - $20 HL Gift Certificate

    Video submissions will be accepted until January 31st 2011. Winners will be announced on February 1st 2011. Video subject matter must be the eRC Micro Stik. Winners will be selected based on creativity and entertainment value. Have fun!

    (Edit: Please post your videos to you YouTube and post the link in this thread.)

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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    I had this great idea for a contest video. It was a short flight to show the abilities of this little plane. The mission was to take place just as the sun was setting and it consisted of taking off from my driveway, gaining some decent altitude then spiraling down on a small flock of sheep that live next door. The idea was to separate the large male from the flock. Problem was I could see some potential problems. (The sheep owner might get angry and come after me. :o What if I gave one of those sheep a heart attack! :cry: :cry: Had my plane been downed during this tuff mission Iím sure one of those sheep would have stepped on it. :( :shock: :shock: ) As difficult as this mission seemed I was all but ready to give it a go but it seems that my plane is broken! OK, not really but it loops sooooo well I decided to abort the original mission and do some looping instead.

    A couple of side notes:
    1. I painted my wing in a kind of reverse color scheme so my buddy and I could dog fight without mixing planes)
    2. I was flying at the park this morning and a fellow that has one of the planes that this one is compared with was very impressed with my Micro Stik. Not only could he not loop at will even with his nano tech batteries but was getting tired of mine flying faster, higher and looping for almost as long as I wanted it to.

    Added You-Tube link

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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    Hobby Lobby/eRC hit a home run with this little plane!
    I took some video with a key chain video camera, not the best view, but you got to be impressed that this micro plane is able to lift a camera half it's own weight, with ease I might add! Without the weight of the camera, this plane is the best thing I've ever flown for back yard flying! Not a plane for the beginner, at least not as appropriate for a first plane; a little finesse is required, I wouldn't describe it as "twitchy", but a little bit of a soft touch for some situations might be hard for the first time at the sticks. Intermediate pilots and up will have a blast with this one!

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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    Update to the contest. We're extending the contest another month since our next shipment is delayed until the end of December.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    Here's a fun little video I made as an example of what you can do.


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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    I made this short video to show the fun we have been having flying the MicroStik, it is an awsome little flier indoors and out. I have flown and own several planes and this one is definitely up the top for fun.


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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    Macon Aero Modelers is a club in Franklin NC. We fly indors often and at least 10 menbers have bought Micro Sticks. Last Sunday we had a "combat' session and here is a video of the fun. The planes are amazingly resilant , and great fun to fly. I believe it will be a excellent choice to teach a beginner bacic flying.

    The video is posted to my You Tube site with 38 other videos mostly club videos from our excellent field.


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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    I've finally got my entry done and in, Phew! I just want to say how much I am enjoying this plane and thank you Hobby-Lobby!
    The banner attempt failed to say the least, but it was worth a shot :D
    thanks again for this contest


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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    It's too cold to be flying outside, but I had to try out this new eRC microstick. It's a different feeling on the sticks flying with gloves. So, I took them off and flew until I couldn't feel my fingers anymore.

    I like the zippy performance. Quick turns, tight loops, nice.

    Here's the video of my 1st flight.


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    Re: Micro Stik Video Contest Entries

    i love this plane!!!
    it is very durable(i tested that)
    great plane for the price.

    here is a video of me having some fun with the micro stik.

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