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Thread: Eurofighter on TV!

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    Eurofighter on TV!

    Check out this clip from Fact or Faked Paranormal Files to see how they use our Eurofighter.

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    Re: Eurofighter on TV!

    That is really neat that the Eurofighter is being used experimentally for a UFO. Will have to try night flying sometime.
    Cool video!!! ;)

    I also remember early last year when storm chasers bought and set up a giant Telemaster to fly instruments close to tornados, That was pretty neat also.

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    Re: Eurofighter on TV!

    Ah man I missed that one. Do you know where that can be found online? Would hate to see what a Tornado would do to a Telemaster though.


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    Re: Eurofighter on TV!

    Hey Jason,

    It was my mistake it was not a Telemaster, it sure looked like one in the video at first, but as I found out later today it was a plane called the super hauler by BTE, but was pretty impressive at any rate.

    Here is the link in case you would like to see it;

    Sorry, not what I thought.

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    Re: Eurofighter on TV!

    Cool, no problem. Thanks for posting it.

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