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Thread: question from HL employee

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    question from HL employee

    Hi Jason. I'm a HL employee...fairly new (2 months). I like my job, but I am curious as to why HL doesn't post simple signs above the different departments to let shoppers know (in general) where items are located...kind of like in the grocery store? Very basic, yet very helpful for both the customer and the employees. I would think this would be a simple application to adopt and even in the case of re-sets, signs could be relocated quite easily if required. Thanks, just curious. :D

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    Re: question from HL employee

    We're the other Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby International. We've been in business over 45 years distributing and retailing radio controlled hobby products. We are not affiliated with the craft store chain called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers. We only have one retail location in Brentwood, TN. Sorry for the confusion.

    Jason Cole

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