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Thread: binding

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    My Dx6i manuel says to rebind the system after programming my model. (pg 19). What is this procedure and how is this done? Thanks Dale.

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    Re: binding

    What this binding proceedure is for is too make sure that when you have all your equipment installed and your servos are set where you want them for flying that the configuration is saved in the transmitter. It is saved for the model recognition so that when you turn on your transmitter and receiver all settings that you had made during adjustments are still the same.

    The proceedure for rebinding is the same as when you first did the binding of your receiver. So therefore you will need to put the binding plug back on the receiver, plug in the battery so the led flashes, then turn on the radio holding the trainer switch, and watching the flashing led on the receiver. When it either turns off or quits flashing, in a matter of seconds, release the trainer switch. You can then move the control surfaces to make sure it is bound, then while the battery is still connected and your receiver, remove the binding plug and now you can turn off the receiver and the radio. If your not sure that worked turn on the transmitter first then plug in the battery to the receiver and it may take a few seconds to come on but if it does and all seems as its supposed to your done, and ready to fly.

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    Re: binding

    Ok, will try that procedure, thanks a bunch. Dale. (central Colorado.)

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