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Thread: F-18 Super Hornet FAQs

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    F-18 Super Hornet FAQs

    F-18 Super Hornet FAQs:
    Q. Can I use a 5 or 6 channel receiver with the F-18?
    A. Yes you can. It will require the use of Y-harnesses to connect the up/down thrust vectoring servos to the elevators.

    Q. The electronic retracts are great. Can I purchase them separately?
    A. Yes. We sell them as a set or you can purchases the electronics separately with the struts.

    Q. I followed the manual and my thrust vectoring units are moving in the wrong direction, how do I fix that?
    A. You can change the values for the programmable mixes. If the values are +100, then change them to -100.

    Q. Where is the neutral position for the elevator supposed to be.
    A. The leading edge of the elevator should be approximately 6mm does below the panel line on the fuse.

    Q. Can I use a larger battery?
    A. Yes. Some customers have used up to a 4000mAh lipo. Beware of the extra weight and double check the center of gravity.

    Q. Can I fly from grass fields?
    A. Yes and No. While the F-18 is better suited for paved runways, it can take off and land on a nice groomed grass runway.

    Q. Can I hand launch the F-18?
    A. Yes. Hold the plane by the wheel openings and throw it straight out at full throttle.

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    Re: F-18 Super Hornet FAQs

    Here is a photo showing the elevator neutral position.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Elev neutral_sm.jpg  

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