Micro Stik FAQS:
Q. Can I charge a battery while flying another?
A. Yes you can. Simply plug the battery in the charging plug. The transmitter charges with switch in both the on and off positions.

Q. Can I bind my Micro Stik to a DSM radio?
A. No. the Micro Stik uses a proprietary 2.4GHz transmission and is not compatible with other radio brands.

Q. Can I use different batteries?
A. Yes. The Micro Stik uses the industry standard plug for micro single cell batteries.

Q. Can I get replacement parts?
A. Yes. Hobby Lobby sells a full line of replacement parts. You can also check with your local dealer.

Q. Can I use the electronics in other airplanes?
A. Yes. You can even purchase an entire receiver/servo board and create your own airplane around it.