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Thread: Scary Jet Deals!

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    Scary Jet Deals!

    Link - ... eoctober20

    Get your treats early this year with Hobby Lobby's Scary Jet Deals. Take advantage of special pricing on some of Hobby Lobby's Best Selling Jets, including the Award Winning SU-34 Fullback. Now that it's nearing the end of flying season for many, this is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites.*

    *Kyosho's Mirage and Illusion are currently featured on our CRASH Sale. For this special offer, they're now priced even lower! Get yours today. These Jets are priced to fly and you can expect them to go fast. Quantities are limited.

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    Re: Scary Jet Deals!

    They are so right on saying "Scary". Just tooo Scary for me! But I may take the plunge on that nice F9-F Panther if the its price gets a little scary by the 31st or, perhaps, a little "Past Turkey" before Nov 27th?


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