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Thread: New Art-Tech ASK-21

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    New Art-Tech ASK-21

    Pretty cool powered sailplane. Flys awesome and has nice EPO Foam for durability. ... 8_prd1.htm

    Self-launching sailplane with scale looks and great thermal performance
    78-3/4" wingspan, 39-3/8" long, 400 sq. in. wing area, 27 oz. flying weight, RG-15 airfoil. The ASK-21 is a sport scale self-launching sailplane that is easy to transport and launch. Its tough EPO foam construction makes it a low anxiety, take it anywhere, fly it anytime glider. The pre-installed outrunner motor provides plenty of power to climb to thermal altitude in seconds and when you shut down the power the prop blades fold and you are off seeking thermals.

    Flight times are only limited by thermal activity and your skill at finding them. The RG-15 airfoil has a broad speed range and penetrates well to get back from those downwind thermals.

    Assembly requires only a few minutes and does not require any glue. All the tools required are supplied in the kit. Wings and tail are easily removed for transport and storage; take it with you nearly anywhere, when the conditions are good you'll be ready.

    An ASK-21 2 Meter Glider Receiver Ready Version is also available.

    ASK-21 2 Meter Glider RTF Includes:

    * 2.4GHz 4-channel Radio System
    * Brushless motor
    * 20A ESC
    * 3-cell 1300mAh Lipo
    * Plug in wall charger
    * 10-1/2" folding prop with spinner
    * 4-9g servos

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    Re: New Art-Tech ASK-21

    I just maidened mine today. I made a couple flights of 6 plus minutes. I agree that this plane does fly well. Included motor is very adequate to get you airborne. It would be helpful to have recommended elevator trave given. I found the "throw" to be too much. The elevator is pretty sensitive. I replace the radio with my own 2.4 so that I could adjust travel of control surfaces and add Exponential, especially to the elevator. I will try to remember to report my findings. I will be taking to the 44th Annual Cumberland Soar For Fun later this week.... Should be a good test for it!


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    Re: New Art-Tech ASK-21

    Great. Can't wait to hear the report!


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    Re: New Art-Tech ASK-21

    Great scale glider
    Great performance and value. You won't be disappointed
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Fukuda, Keone

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