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Thread: Jason Cole heads to Detroit to present Symposium

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    Jason Cole heads to Detroit to present Symposium

    I just returned from my now annual trip to Detroit, MI for one the Skymasters Club Symposiums. The club brings in industry folks from all over to sit down and present some information to the club. Everyone is invited from all the different clubs in the area, I think we counted more than half a dozen different clubs represented at last nights meeting. It was held at a place called Ultimate Soccer. This place is amazing!!! It has several huge indoor soccer fields to fly in. My presentation talked about our new partnership with Kyosho and we've worked together to get some really nice quality planes to the US for pricing that anyone can swallow. See the Kyosho line up here. I also talked about our new economy motor and servo lines from eRC. If you've missed those announcements, they are super quality components at commodity prices that's hard to beat. Check out the motors hereand the servos here. We also talked about our $119 EPO F-86, Mig-15, and brand new F9F Panther. Then we talked about the cool features of our new F/A 18E Super Hornetwith thrust vectoring, lights, and an awesome electrical retract set. No more fussing with mechanical retracts. These just work! Then it was Micro Stik time. I talked about what made them different from other micro planes and then we headed over to one of the open fields for flying. Anyone that wanted to, had the chance to try it out. People noted how much power it had and that it was more agile than other micros like the Ember. At only $75 with everything and 2 batteries, it's the best bargain going. I had a great time meeting with all the guys and getting a chance to fly at the Ultimate Soccer Arenas was a real treat. Thanks for the warm welcome Skymasters! I'll see you again next year.

    Jason Cole
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