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Thread: Kyosho Ready Set Airplanes

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    Kyosho Ready Set Airplanes

    Check out the new line of Kyosho Ready Set minis! Kyosho is an excellent brand name in the r/c hobby industry. I own many kyosho warbirds and they all fly excellent, are high quality and are great for a low time intermediate pilot ! Kyosho also has an excellent customer warranty that will extend well beyond 30 days! Any problems, just contact Kyosho and send product back with a letter.

    I'm also happy that these Kyosho products do not have the Hobby-Lobby "Brand Name" "eRC" like the FreeWing, Venom and Robbe products !! :roll:

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    Re: Kyosho Ready Set Airplanes

    Yes, these things are cool and it's great that we can partner with Kyosho. Check out all the Kyosho line we have here ... ho-banner1

    You have incorrect information. While we do carry some products that we do not create, we do have heavy influence into the designs and projects that we put under our own brands. We are a small company compared to Horizon and do not have the buying power to keep our projects under a wold exclusive like they do so we allow the manufacturer to sell to other agents in parts of the world such as Robbe. Horizon has manufactures in China and actually, some of our stuff comes from the same places their products do. Our eRC brand or Pilot-1 brand is no different than Horizon using eflite or Hanger 9.

    You participate in our forums a lot, but you don't seem to like us much or appreciate the work we do for this hobby. We're a small company trying to make it against fierce competition and huge market changes. We would appreciate your support and ask that you discontinue posting links to our competitors in our own forum. You can go to or many other forums to post those links where it is appropriate.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Kyosho Ready Set Airplanes


    I'm a big supporter for the small hobby retailer and this support most certainly includes Hobby-Lobby. Yes I am highly critical and I want to get people to THINK when it comes to what they are purchasing. All suggestions, tips, links to so called "competitors" are intended to: 1. Expand the knowledge base of the r/c enthuist in terms of new possible options where comparisons can be made and 2. Put a little fire under Hobby-Lobby's butt that will, hopefully, make you set goals to strive for improvements in your products, meet customer expectations on new products, and offer innovative designs in r/c airplanes that will go and against CONVENTIONAL market TRENDS in the U.S... I do not want Hobby-Lobby to be a trend follower, I want Hobby-Lobby to be a trend setter !! All this is not to weaken Hobby-Lobby or take away their business to overseas competitors, but to make Hobby-Lobby a better place to shop online ! Another thing that bugs me to no end is the "Brand Name" game going on with many online vendors. The 'Brand Name" must go. All of the online Vendors, and you know who they are, are doing it these days ! It is the biggest GIMMICK going on in the U.S. and today most people already know who the manufacturers are overseas. But there are some customers who do not know or care. Why hide behind another name for a product? eRC etc.? Just come out and tell the customer what they are getting by informing them as to who is the original OEM? It would be really innovative if Hobby-Lobby went against the typical vendor trend and gave up the "Brand Name". People will have more respect and confidence in Hobby-Lobby knowing they are purchasing that "Vennom Group" 80mm Saber Jet or Free Wing F/A 18e Super Hornet 90mm VS. the Banana Hobby BlitzRcworks "80mm Saber" or F/A 18C Jolly Roger 90mm Hornet.

    Yes, Hangar 9, Park Zone and E-Flite are exclusive Brand Names unto themselves via Horizon Hobby. These products are not made by another sub-contracted "ghost", company like that of FMS, FreeWing, Venom Group or Fly Fly Hobby. The Horizon Hobby Brands have "Established" facilities through out the globe like that of Kyosho, Tamiya, Hyperion, Multiplex and Robbe ! eRc, Pilot 1, BlitzRcworks and Airfield are not unto themselves, have no "Established" vacility overseas and in no way are in the same league or category as the Horizon brands. They are variations of other models mostly marketed elsewhere under other "brand names". There can be no comparison except they are all manufactured globally in different countries, 70% being Asia.

    As always, IMO.


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    Re: Kyosho Ready Set Airplanes

    Thanks Drypipe. That helps and I agree. I do know for a fact that Horizon has you fooled though. They are using all sorts of different manufactures including ones you listed above. There is no eflite manufacturer. Several china vendors are making those planes. The only difference is that they can buy enough to hold a world exclusive and make it appear that they own the factory. Branding is something that won't be going away and is a must to differentiate our products from others. We are working hard to create innovative products and bring them in at great prices. It's a tough market right now, but I can assure you that we're doing whatever it takes to stay competitive. Thanks for your support and honest feedback. Do you make any of the east coast flying events? I'd love to meet up in person and chat some more.


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    Re: Kyosho Ready Set Airplanes


    The r/c airplane retail industry in this country needs more transparency as a consideration to the U.S. consumer who invests millions of dollars annually in their products. I know very well that Horizon Hobby's E-Flite (assembled in Korea), H9 and Parkzone have sub-contracted manufacturers but a company like Shenzhen Aoyuxiang Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (who makes the windings for E-Flite's Park and Power Series motors in China then ships them to Korea for final assembly.), Multiplex in Germany, Rc-Lander, Hyperion, Tamiya and Kyosho do not sub out their products to become another brand name for the U.S. retailers like that of FMS, Venom Group, StarMax, J-Powers and FreeWing. There still is a fundamental difference.

    September 10th, 11th and 12th Maine Jet Rally and Feb. Florida Jets are my days of Love, Peace and Joy.

    As Always IMO,

    pLanE nUtS,

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